MarketGrid Systems’ principals have been directly responsible for the automation of over thirty financial markets globally between them.

Global Experience

About Us

Our team boasts a combined 100+ years of experience building exchange systems specifically for trading, market data capture and surveillance technology. We have worked with exchanges and institutions all around the world since the 1980s.

Now we have combined our expertise to create MarketGrid.

The MarketGrid Story

The principals have automated over 30 exchanges between them since 1985. Paul Phillips pioneered the concept of ‘in memory matching’ while at Singapore Exchange assisted by Daniel Tan. Then 8 years later developed ASTS with Rob Hodgkinson and Phil Haynes. ASTS was subsequently renamed X-Stream and acquired by Nasdaq OMX and is now installed in over 30 exchanges globally.

The recent hardware trends towards multi-cores & scalable memory gave rise to a new vision of even faster and more scalable in memory matching. This is MarketGrid. And with the band now back together, the vision has been fulfilled, with MarketGrid demonstrable with unrivalled performance and flexibiilty, as demonstrated in this video.


Paul Phillips
Paul PhillipsChief Executive Officer
Paul has more than 30 years experience in financial technology. In the 1980s, he worked at the then Stock Exchange of Singapore where he designed and implemented the world’s first fully automated order matching system and closed the physical trading floor at the Exchange.

In the 1990s, together with Rob Hodgkinson, Paul founded Financial Market Software Consultants (FMSC) and developed the ASTS trading system, the best performing and most flexible matching engine of its time. ASTS was acquired by NASDAQ-OMX in 2005 and is now known as XStream.

ASTS was first deployed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1992 and subsequently at over 25 exchanges world wide, including Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange, Jakarta Stock Exchange, The Montreal Exchange, the New Zealand Stock Exchange, Oslo Bourse, The Helsinki Stock Exchange, The Istanbul Stock Exchange, The Swiss Exchange and ICAP. It is still in use at many venues.

FMSC was sold to Australian listed company Computershare in the late 1990s. Now, Paul has co-founded MarketGrid to develop and market the “next generation” of matching engine.

Daniel Tan
Daniel TanChief Operations Officer
Daniel had a 25 years career at SGX during which he held various senior positions including the position of Executive Vice President and Executive Committee (Exco) member. Prior roles at SGX included Group Head of Technology, Group Head of Operations and Group Head for Post-Trade Services & Retail Business.

Daniel is an expert in exchange systems from trading, clearing, depository and back-office perspectives. He was a Member of the SWIFT Asia Pacific Advisory Group from 2005 to 2007. As well as being a principal of MarketGrid, Daniel is owner and CEO of specialist consultancy firm BrokerEdge Systems Advisors Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

Philip Haynes
Philip HaynesChief Technology Officer
Phil has been developing software for the securities trading industry since 1994 and has led and worked on implentations for the Jakarta Stock Exchange, Oslo Børs, ICAP i-Swap, The Swiss Exchange, Dubai Financial Market, The Istanbul Stock Exchange (IMKB), The Montreal Exchange, Stock Exchange of Lithuania, NASDAQ, The New York Stock Exchange, The Intercontinental Exchange, CNQ, The London Stock Exchange, AMEX, Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Kuwait Stock Exchange, Abu Dhabi Securities Market, NYBOT, NYMEX, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Zagreb Stock Exchange, and the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges.

In addition, he has been involved in huge data set processing programmes, FIX Protocol analysis and implementations, automation of repo trading, and MiFID Automation (projects BOAT and TURQUOISE and PLUS Markets Group).

Rob Hodgkinson
Rob HodgkinsonDirector, Business Development
Rob’s 35 year career in finance spans IT, mathematics and statistics. In his early career Rob worked with global financial time series databases using array languages, including co-developing an array language for high performance financial modelling. In 1992, together with Paul Phillips, Rob co-founded Financial Market Software Consultants (FMSC) and co-developed ASTS, the best performing and most flexible matching engine of its time. ASTS was acquired by NASDAQ-OMX and is now known as XStream. ASTS was first deployed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1992 and subsequently at over 25 exchanges world wide. It is still in use at many venues.

From 2008 Rob led the APAC region for First Derivatives, implementing Kdb+ tick databases for algo back testing, PF modeling and trade cost analysis at major clients such as SGX, HSBC, Macquarie Securities, ANZ, Westpac and NAB. In 2012 Rob won the ASIC Market Surveillance System tender, pushing out the incumbent system SMARTS and implementing the next generation of surveillance platforms, incorporating Complex Event Processing (CEP) methods for real-time surveillance and a full depth tick database for historic benchmarking and data mining.