Partnership Model

We have pioneered a partnership model that has been used successfully with financial exchanges and markets around the world. In partnering with either our customer or a local company with the right support capabilities, we provide the right level of knowledge transfer for each client, ensuring that first-level support will be available right there on the ground.

We also provide product and business development insights that can help grow and enhance businesses from more than just an IT perspective.

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX)

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX)SDiX has teamed up with MarketGrid to implement and develop the world’s first electronic, self-regulated and physically settled diamond exchange. As technology partners we work with SDiX to help them provide a platform that will facilitate the global trading of diamonds as well as the collection and analysis of data to enable the development of new and exciting products within this asset class.

On-Market BookBuilds (OMB)

On-Market BookBuildsOn-Market BookBuilds has developed and patented a book building algorithm that is recognized to be a fairer and more transparent method of running book builds for new capital raisings on behalf of listed companies, that directly benefits brokers, issuers, institutional and retail investors. OMB partners with MarketGrid to implement this algorithm in a standalone, or integrated, book build engine that can be readily integrated with any exchange trading platform. MarketGrid works closely with OMB to enhance and develop the algorithm and assist global marketing of this world leading technology.