30 June 2015 (Sydney) MarketGrid, the developer of the next generation of automated trading systems for financial markets, today announced testing results that demonstrate its matching engine to be the fastest commercially available.

MarketGrid Director Rob Hodgkinson said that the technology represents a new level of performance in trading systems and matching engines, with the lowest transaction latency and highest performance throughput available.

“Even using off the shelf PC-based hardware and multi-core single-processor computers, we have found that MarketGrid’s performance exceeds anything else available,” he said. “We can consistently handle 190,000 orders per second under live market conditions, with door-to-door latency from a client perspective of less than five microseconds.”

MarketGrid has built-in timing metrics that can time-stamp each transaction as it transitions through the various components of the system. Using off-the-shelf PC-based hardware, the matching engine itself achieves consistent through-put of orders at less than two microseconds within the system. This can be demonstrated with core engine capacity in excess of 500,000 orders per second when fed from directly connected client through its native API.

MarketGrid’s performance is achieved as a result of two key factors:

  • MarketGrid has been specifically built to take full advantage of modern multi-processor, multi-core systems with large (virtually unlimited) amounts of fast memory.
  • The MarketGrid Tools automatically generate more than half of the code in the system and have been designed to produce highly optimised code that is consistently high-performance. Our inbuilt metrics allow us to monitor and tune the system’s performance with ease.

MarketGrid has published a white paper detailing the specifics of its matching engine performance.

For interviews with Rob Hodgkinson and white paper copies:
Kristin Westlake, The Continuum Partners kwestlake@thecontinuumpartners.com
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About MarketGrid

MarketGrid has developed the new generation of matching engines and automated trading systems for financial markets.

The MarketGrid Matching Engine is an ‘exchange in a box’, providing the complete infrastructure for the automated trading of virtually any financial instrument. Designed using a groundbreaking architecture-based approach, it offers performance, flexibility and reliability far in excess of any other system.

In addition to our matching engine we provide high-level and detailed consulting and advice around the automation process. MarketGrid’s principals have automated more than 25 markets around the world. Our team boasts a combined 100+ years of experience building exchange systems specifically for trading, market data capture and surveillance technology. We have worked with exchanges and institutions all around the world since the 1980s.

MarketGrid now brings this combined expertise to end users, offering the most advanced exchange technology platform available today.